January 29, 2018

“Meet Me In Montana” by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals

“Meet Me In Montana” by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals 1

Her Second Hit

Marie Osmond’s name disappeared from the charts until she signed a new contract with Capitol Records in 1985. She was no longer a kid at the age of 26, Marie came back strong on Billboard’s country chart with her second no. 1 hit. It was twelve years after her first hit. Her second was with a Paul Davis number called “Meet Me In Montana”. This song was not only a landmark record for Osmond, but it also rejuvenated the career of a very talented singer.

Osmond’s producer Paul Worley thought that “Meet Me In Montana” would make a great duet. Thereafter, he talked over his idea with Kyle Lehning, who was working with Dan Seals at EMI. The two producers agreed that the duet idea for “Meet Me In Montana” was a good one.

Dan Seals

He was beginning to establish himself in the country market following a pretty successful career. Dan Seals was a part of the pop duet team of “England Dan and John Ford Coley”. They were whose last chart-topper had been 1979’s “Love Is The Answer” on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. Then, with four Top Ten country records under his belt, he was ready to step up to the plate. Now, he has a country duet with Marie Osmond in the song “Meet Me In Montana”.

Composition of Another Hit

Country Artist, Paul Davis wrote “Meet Me In Montana” while on tour in the state. On the bus, he listened heavily to Merle Haggard’s “Big City” album, noticing that a line in its title track mentions Montana, praising the Treasure State. This helped Davis appreciate the landscape’s natural beauty, and after Arista turned down Davis’s own recording of the song, he sent a demo of “Meet Me In Montana” in duet form to Capitol Records. Label executive Lynn Shults sent it on to producer Paul Worley, who thought Dan Seals could pull it off with Marie. Seals’ producer Kyle Lehning agreed and the two producers helmed the session together.

Even though all the personnel was on board with the project, it still took about six months to coordinate both artists’ schedules. Finally, Osmond and Seals had an opportunity to get together and spent three hours at Audio Media Recorders working out their vocals on “Meet Me In Montana.” Dan laid down his tracks basically the way Paul Davis had written it, although he did say the harmony parts turned out to be on the difficult side.

The record was mixed while both artists were on the road working concerts. “Meet Me In Montana” appeared on two albums: Marie’s “There’s No Stopping Your Heart” collection, and Seal’s “Won’t Be Blue Anymore” package. The single topped out at No. 1 on Billboard’s country singles chart on October 12, 1985, and almost one year to the day that “Meet Me In Montana” reached the summit, the Country Music Association named Marie Osmond and Dan Seals the Vocal Duo of the Year on October 13, 1986.



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