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Meet Josh Turner’s Wife, Jennifer Ford, His Biggest Cheerleader


Josh Turner’s wife, Jennifer Ford Turner, first caught the South Carolina native’s eye at Nashville’s Belmont University when they were both just college students in 1998.

“Meeting her wasn’t planned or expected, but our friendship felt completely different,” Turner admitted in his book Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood. “For the first time, I was truly on cloud nine. I can’t really explain that time other than to say it was unbelievable.” 

In November 2002, Turner got down on one knee and asked Ford to marry him during an outing at Nashville’s Percy Priest Lake. The happy couple got hitched in June 2003 with 500 guests to witness the event.

Let’s get to know more about Josh Turner’s other half and their love story that stood the test of time.

She Is Also a Musician

Jennifer Ford travels with Josh Turner when he’s on tour. She plays the keyboards and sings background vocals in Josh Turner’s live band. She used to be a teacher in Nashville before joining Josh on the road.

She can also often be spotted in her husband’s music video. She starred in music videos of “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” in 2010 and “Your Man” in 2005.

She’s a Mother of Four

But guess the best collaboration Jennifer Ford and Josh Turner have are their four kids: Hampton Otis, Colby Lynch, Marion Crawford, and Samuel Hawke. With five boys at home, Jennifer Ford is quite overpowered.

And the “Would You Go With Me” hitmaker once confessed that having so many boys in the house is pretty stressful. “There was this one day a while ago where our three boys were literally driving us crazy. We were ready to pull our hair out, and Jennifer was about to scream,” he told People in 2014.

Jennifer Ford and Josh Turner’s children: Hampton Otis, Colby Lynch, Marion Crawford, and Samuel Hawke

“I looked at her and said, ‘Hey, remember everyone always told us that three was the hardest number? We’re either having another one or we’re giving one away!'”

In 2018, Jennifer Ford and her eldest son, Hampton, co-wrote “The River (of Happiness)” for Turner’s first gospel album, “I Serve a Savior.” The song was then recorded by the entire Turner family with Colby Lynch, Marion Crawford, and Samuel Hawke playing instruments like mandolin and piano.

“It’s fun or all of us to get together and sing and play and perform and all that,” Turner said. “It’s not something that I set out to accomplish.” The project was indeed a dream come true for both Jennifer and Josh. “It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time. God opened the door, and I walked through it. When I look back, this will be one of my favorite projects of my career.” 

She’s Josh Turner Biggest Cheerleader

Josh Turner revealed during his 2012 interview with The Boot that Jennifer is his biggest cheerleader. The pair have always been friends, and it’s their secret to their happy union, combined with good communication.

“Anytime we have a breakdown in communication, we get in some type of argument, so you just have to keep that line of communication open and just make your marriage a priority. Don’t let your children take priority over your marriage and your work and everything else,” Turner said. “You have to take time and make time for each other. For us, we try to spend time together no matter what we’re doing. We just work better together. Like anybody else, we have to take a break from each other from time to time, so we can enjoy the times that we are together.”

Guess there’s never a dull moment in Turner’s house.


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