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Meet 7 yr Old Olivia Valli: Proof that Superheroes Can Come in Small Sizes

7-year-old Olivia Valli was no average young lass. For kids of Olivia’s age, braving a car accident and unleashing the ‘hidden superhero’ within them can be quite an impossible feat to undertake. Whether you are an adult or a kid, being caught in such a traumatic situation will just freeze your body in fear and incapacitate all logic. It will leave you helpless no matter how much you want to do something to save yourself and the people you’re with.

Meet 7 yr Old Olivia Valli: Proof that Superheroes Can Come in Small Sizes 1

It was as if she swallowed her fear and shock whole to make way for the burning desire to save her family from the car crash. It was just a week after November of 2016 when Olivia , together with her two little brothers and mom Amber got involved in a car accident. They were driving back home to Australia’s Gold Coast after dropping off their dad, James, for a three-week shift out and deep into the outback. The family only had one car, and that’s why Amber had to bring all her kids with her to take their dad to work.

While driving on an unfamiliar country road, Amber lost control of the car, causing the car to roll twice until it fell on its side and halted off the road. The car was wrecked, while Amber was severely bruised and knocked unconscious.

Meet 7 yr Old Olivia Valli: Proof that Superheroes Can Come in Small Sizes 2

That was when sweet little Olivia decided to take things under control and took over the responsibility of looking after her family. Thinking quick on her feet, she promptly yet carefully unbuckled her two toddler brothers from being strapped in their car seats in the back. One by one, she took her siblings out of the car while they were safely tucked in their seats. Thankfully, the three children only sustained minor bruises and a few scrapes.

After the paramedics came to their rescue, they were surprised to discover that the little girl had already got their work cut out for them, leaving them to concentrate fully on Amber, who sustained the worst injuries. Aside from numerous bruises on her body, Amber fractured her skull and several of her vertebrae. She was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where she was treated. She is now on the road to recovery, happy and fortunate that her spine did not incur any permanent damage.

Olivia’s family was truly fortunate to have her—a brave, dependable, and strong little superhero who is calm and rational beyond her years. At present, Olivia’s family is working hard to save money and buy a new car. Oh and did we mention that her family continues to rejoice at her courageousness every single day?

We’re truly in awe of your strength, Olivia! Your little bro’s surely lucky for having such a bright and resilient older sister like you to look up to.

CLICK HERE if you want to help or donate to the Valli family.


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