December 27

“It’s Your Love:” A Great Collaboration of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Love, according to the dictionary, is a feeling of personal warmth towards a person. Also, this feeling is magical and oftentimes, it can change our mood or perception towards everything. But, let us remember that we cannot just pick this up anywhere, love takes time to develop and it requires a strong attraction for it to prosper. It is important to know that when we love, let us leave some for ourselves. I hope that you will enjoy this collaboration of the sweet couple Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

The Perfect Couple

This couple has been together for 22 long years. Moreover, their relationship is as solid as a rock like their career. As a result of their head over heels romance, they were blessed with three lovely daughters. Of course, you know who I’m talking about. I’m referring to the perfect couple Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill. Personally, it’s just amazing that the spark of their relationship is still there in spite of being together for many tears.

“It’s Your Love:” A Great Collaboration of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill 1
Photo Credits: Faith Hill Official Home Page

They are not just a perfect couple, McGraw and Faith Hill are also considered as music royalty. Moreover, McGraw is known for scooping major awards and chart-topper hits. So, he is suited for Faith Hill who is also known for similar achievements.

A Perfect Love Song for a Perfect Couple

This hit stayed for 6 weeks in the Hot Country Charts slamming at number one. In addition, it won the music video of the year in 1997 at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Thus, I hope you still remember “It’s Your Love” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

“It’s Your Love” will be on my list of the best love songs that I’ve ever heard. Above all, the masterpiece talks about a person who is really in love with his/her lover and they could not hide their feelings. Lastly, it also touches the fact that their love has changed the narrator into a better person. Hurray! for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in such a wonderful masterpiece. 


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