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Remember Reba McEntire’s Cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You?”

Do you remember Kelly Clarkson’s groundbreaking single “Because of You?” It became her most popular song not only because of her amazing vocals but the honesty of its words. Many people felt the pain in her song, and they instantly connected to it. The power of her single not only made it enter the charts, or made her internationally recognized. Her song also captured many artists in the music industry. Therefore, they, too, wanted to record their version of Kelly Clarkson’s song.

Reba McEntire’s Version of the Song

One of the biggest names in country music covered Clarkson’s song for her album. Reba McEntire teamed up with Clarkson to record a duet of “Because of You” for her twenty-fourth studio album Reba: Duets. Their collaboration was stunning, as Reba take the lead on the song, her voice didn’t overpower Clarkson, and vice versa. Reba’s version has been similar to Clarkson’s original version. Since there was no moment in the song that stood out or was different than the original version Reba received mixed reactions from critics. However, we think that despite sticking to the original recording, Reba did an amazing and flawless work.

Working with Kelly Clarkson

When Reba worked with Clarkson, “Because of You” wasn’t their first choice of song to be included on Reba’s album. They have recorded the song “A Lot Like You” first. However, Reba’s husband asked them to record “Because of You.”  When the record turns out to be outstanding, they have chosen to release “Because of You” instead of “A Lot Like You”  as the first single of the album.

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Chart Performance and Awards of the Song

Reba’s version reached number two on the Billboard country chart. Furthermore, “Because of You” placed at number fifty on the Hot 100 chart and went straight up to number one on the Canadian chart. This version has been nominated into different award shows. “Because of You” was nominated for CMA’s Musical Event of the Year, Grammy Awards for Best Vocal Country Collaboration Song, and ACM’s Vocal Event of the Year.


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