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Reba McEntire Recounts Christ’s Birth in “Happy Birthday Jesus”

Wishing Y’all a very Merry Christmas! Hoping that you’re having a great time with your families and friends. As we indulge ourselves in the festive vibe of the Yuletide season, let’s not forget the main reason for the celebration. The birth of Jesus Christ is a momentous event that we happily commemorate each year. If our birthday is something special for us, nothing should be more important than that of Jesus’. Some religious groups would call it “everybody’s birthday” considering that Christ’s coming to earth brought new life to men. This Biblical truth has been expressed through various Christmas songs. And here is one example of a tune that celebrates the birth of Christ. It’s called “Happy Birthday Jesus” by The Queen of Country Reba McEntire.

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The “Happy Birthday Jesus” Song   

Like many of our favorite country stars, Reba McEntire not only recorded country love and gospel songs. She also had several original and cover songs for Christmas. An original Christmas tune that she recorded in 1987 was “Happy Birthday Jesus (I’ll Open This One for You).” The song was included on her fourteenth studio album Merry Christmas to You. This was also the singer’s first Christmas album.

Lyrically, the tune resonates well with the children. In it, Reba is with a group of kids and they’re about to exchange gifts. Prior to this, the singer would narrate to them the story of Jesus’ birth as they sit “in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas tree.” She went on to emphasize the very essence of celebrating Christmas.

Cause what made it special was the baby in her arms
God sent Him down to give the world a second chance for you and I
That’s why we have Christmas at this time each year
It’s the baby’s birthday party that brings us so much cheer

She further explained what the gifts they’re about to exchange represent. And every time they’ll open one, they have to:

Think about that baby and say
Happy birthday Jesus
I’ll open this one for you

As Christmas is not only for children but for every child of God, let this song be on our Christmas playlist. We not only listen to it for fun but also to remind ourselves of the importance of Jesus in our lives as well as the presents we give and take during Christmas.

Here is Reba McEntire’s recording of “Happy Birthday Jesus.”


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