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Mindy McCready’s second hit album, “If I Don’t Stay the Night”

Mindy McCready's second hit album, "If I Don't Stay the Night" 1

The Song and Album

If I Don’t Stay the Night” was McCready’s second album that followed her first hit album “Ten thousand angles.” Her second album didn’t disappoint her fans. With her strong female voice and empowering songs, it made her top the charts. “If I Don’t Stay the Night” album peaked at No. 12 on the Top Country Album in 1997. It remained there for 40 weeks. “If I Don’t Stay the Night,” one of the songs in her second album, was written by Sunny Russ. “If I Don’t Stay the Night,”  peaked at No. 86 on the Billboard 200.

The song, “If I Don’t Stay the Night,” is a love song about trying to love someone but you’re never sure how to.

There are many ways I want to love you
But only when the time is right…….”

If you haven’t heard this song, here’s a video for you to listen to.

About the Artist

Mindy McCready was born in Florida, on November 30, 1975. She worked part-time in her mother’s company, so she can focus on her music career. She moved to Nashville to enter the music industry. At the age of 17, McCready signed a deal with BNA Records, when David Malloy sent her demo tapes.

In 1996, McCready released her best for her well-known hit album Ten Thousand Angels. “Guys Do it All the Time” which is part of her album Ten Thousand Angels was a chart-topping single of McCready. Her album was certified double platinum. McCready only wanted to sing songs that will empower women.

If the women aren’t equal to the men, the songs aren’t there for me

After Ten Thousand Angels she followed it with If I Don’t Stay the Night, which was certified gold this time. Her 2 albums that followed didn’t sell that much.

McCready’s life struggles

McCready suffered through a lot in her life. She was arrested for multiple reasons, such as driving with suspended license, using a fake prescription to avail painkillers,  she was even charged with identity theft. She also suffered from her ex-boyfriend Billy McKnight who attempted to kill her.

McCready attempted to commit suicide twice in 2005.

Her Boyfriend for two years, David Wilson, committed suicide in 2013. On the same year, her children were removed from her care and she was needed to be evaluated for her mental health. Five weeks after Wilson’s death, McCready committed suicide.


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