August 3

Martina McBride Continues the Good Fight for Humanity

Though her songs’ messages have been powerful enough to reach and impact many, Martina McBride continues to use her platform for a variety of charity works. She was the spokeswoman for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, National Network to End Domestic Violence, Tulsa Domestic Violence and Intervention Services.

Martina McBride's Team

Furthermore, Martina McBride was active in fundraising for programs & organizations inclined to help troubled teenagers by hosting Middle Tennessee’s YWCA from 1995 to 2010 raising more than 500,000 dollars and “Celebrity Auction” raising almost $400,000. Among those groups she worked with are Kids Wish Network, Love is Respect, and National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline. Hence, she was awarded the “Minnie Pearl Humanitarian Award” in 2003.

Obviously, educating girls and women on domestic violence is McBride’s passion when she was quoted saying,

A lot of teenage girls will be first dating and they’ll think, ‘Oh he doesn’t want me to see my friends. He just wants me all to himself. Isn’t that sweet?’ Or ‘Oh, he’s just being protective. Isn’t that sweet?’ And then it turns into something else and it’s controlling. They don’t recognize that until it’s too late. So it’s an ongoing education that you have to give young girls, I think

The rest of her present humanitarian acts could all be seen in her Team Music Is Love initiative where she encouraged her fans to join in active participation in social welfare and community development.

Martina McBride Continues the Good Fight for Humanity 1 photo source: Team Music Is Love

In effect, Team Music Is Love was given recognition by The White House as the  Presidential Point Of Light Award winner for their selfless and voluntary efforts in charity works. To date, the team has steadily been increasing their influence to mobilize people to act and help for the greater good of humanity. One of their recent accomplishments so far is the food distribution at Westmoreland County Food Bank for 400 local residents in need.

Martina McBride Continues the Good Fight for Humanity 2  photo source: Team Music Is Love

When asked about what she hopes to leave as her legacy, she said,

“I hope I leave behind a body of work — and I’m talking about the album cuts, not just the singles — that matters to someone.  And I would hope I stood for lifting people up and being a positive influence and leaving the world a better place than I found it. And, selfishly, I hope that I am respected as a singer.”


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