October 23

Honoring the Memory of the Prolific Matriarch of the Carter Family, Mother Maybelle Carter


A Prolific Mother

The Carter Family Dynasty is a historical figure in country music that we all love and respect. It has produced a strong bloodline of outstanding musicians. And in this article, we honor the death anniversary of the Carter Family matriarch, Maybelle Carter.

Carter was one of the figureheads of how we know traditional country music. She was the one who dictated how guitars fit in the genre and how to blend the autoharp in a song so seamlessly. Carter also had the uncanny ability to keep her family close by integrating them in all things music. 

Superstardom Stays in the Family

Born on the 10th of May 1909, Mother Maybelle was already of blue blood. Her family lore dictated that she was a descendant of a former British prime minister. She showed much promise with music at such as young age. She learned how to play the banjo and the autoharp early on. And at age 13, she picked up the guitar, and the rest is history.

With calloused hands, she serenaded together with her cousin Sara, and in-law A.P. They formed the original trio that was the Carter Family. The trio’s sound was unique and innovative. Truth be told, the way Mother Maybelle played her guitar went on to be known as the ‘Carter Family picking.’ It was a strong indication that the Carter family was sure to lay the ground for the traditional Nashville sound.

Mother Maybelle was widely revered in the Grand Ole Opry in the 1950’s. And it was here where she earned her nickname. It was also during this time that she started touring with her three daughters. They were known as ‘Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters.’

All in all, Mother Maybelle Carter has gifted us with the glorious foundations for Country music. And today we honor her death and her legacy. She was a true gem. The world will forever remember the icon that she was.

Come and listen to her live rendition of Wildwood Flower here: 


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