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“I May Hate Myself in The Morning” : Womack’s Ballad of the Highest Quality


Lee Ann Womack

Lee Anne Womack is one of the artists who found breakthrough in the introduction of contemporary country music in the early 90’s. In May of 1997,  the Jacksonville, Texas native earned her break with the release of her eponymous debut album that reached the Top Ten of the country chart. At an early young age, she became infatuated with music, which was complemented by her father being a disc jockey. She often goes with his father to work, and choose what songs to play on air.

Later in college, she attended South Plains Junior College in Levelland, Texas. He later joined the college band, and started expounding her musical career. She then settled in Nashville, where she married and have a family. Through all these, her love for singing still remained in her heart, and she continued writing and singing songs. She has proved her name with the release of more albums and singles that had promising positions on the charts. She also collaborated with prominent country stars like Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, and many other. Her voice evoked a dramatic wuality which can be compared to legends such as Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. And as we have witnessed throughout his journey, she has gotten even better with time.

I May Hate Myself in the Morning

“I May Hate Myself in the Morning” is one of Womack’s songs that imply pure truth. For the ladies, you may especially relate on this. It is a weeping fiddle about a woman who is about to have a night of passion with the man. She is very much aware of the consequences, and how she’ll feel in the next morning, but her passionate desire throws away all the apprehensions.

Womack told The Mirror:

“This is the kind of stuff I grew up listening to. How true is this song? Even if you haven’t been in that situation, we all know somebody who has. It’s just honest.”

Well, that’s just how it goes with a LeeAnn Womack song, it relates a story that is truly happening in the society. No touch of exaggeration nor pretension, she just belts out what she knows is true and later on brings a nostalgic effect to anyone who may hear.

"I May Hate Myself in The Morning" : Womack's Ballad of the Highest Quality 1


I May Hate Myself in the Morning, Lee Ann Womack

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