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The Mavericks’ Grammy-winning Song, “Here Comes the Rain”

The Mavericks' Grammy-winning Song, "Here Comes the Rain" 1
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There are some songs that are not just fated to occupy the summit of the music charts. That didn’t mean though that these hits would just remain at the middle or bottom part of the list until their eventual departure from it. Several songs are not meant to reach No. 1 or even the chart’s Top 10 because they were reserved for a bigger prize. One of those songs was The Mavericks’ “Here Comes the Rain.” 

Released in August 1995, “Here Comes the Rain” served as the first single on the group’s album called Music for All Occasions. It was written by Raul Malo and Kostas. While the song managed to become a Top 5 hit in Canada, it did not sell that much in the United States. The song settled at No. 22 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Despite such, its best is yet to come. A year after its release, “Here Comes the Rain” gave The Mavericks their first and only Grammy Award win. Specifically, the group bagged the Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal title for the song in 1996.

Directed by Gerry Wenner, here is the music video for “Here Comes the Rain” by The Mavericks which premiered in 1995.

The Mavericks

This American country music group was notably known for their record What a Crying ShameOriginally from Miami Florida, the group was formed in 1989 consisting of four members: Raul Malo, Robert Reynolds, Ben Peeler, and Paul DeakinCurrently, only two of the original members are still active and continue touring with the group. They also have two new members, Jerry Dale McFadden and Eddie Perez. Probably, The Mavericks are not your typical band as they cannot be classified into a single music genre. Their music ranges from country to rock, blues, rockabilly, and ballads. Also, most of their creations were peppered with Latin combined with Tex-Mex music.

The group produced a total of six studio albums from 1991 up to 2003. Additionally, 14 of their released singles entered the country chart. To date, their highest-charting record was the song “All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down” which peaked at No. 13 on the Hot Country Songs chart. In the UK, their single “Dance the Night Away” became very popular reaching the UK chart’s Top 4 and stayed there for 18 weeks.

In 2004, the band split up. However, they announced their plans to reunite in 2012. The following year, their reunion album In Time came out. Also, they released another album called Mono in February 2015.

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