July 28

The Masqueraders: Talent is Ageless as Proven by These Country Crooners

The Masqueraders is a trio who has been performing more than 50 years and they are still at their game. This is their second performance in America’s Got Talent, the country’s biggest talent competition to date. These cowboys stole the show again as they performed “Bring It on Home to Me” by Sam Cooke.


The Masqueraders: Talent is Ageless as Proven by These Country Crooners 1

“We never stop dreaming.”

“When things didn’t look good we kept dreaming, and we believed in ourselves so that’s why we kept on doing it.”

The group was formed in Dallas, Texas in 1958. According to  Robert Wrightsil – “we could sing everybody else’s songs, and we could do it just like them or better.”

There were originally five members of the group then changed lineups over the years and members left the group until only three of them are left. Not only did they have their own original songs, they also did some background vocals for other artists like Arthur Conley (Sweet Soul Music), Wilson Pickett (I’m In Love) and the Box Tops (on their ’68 Cry Like A Baby album).

Looking Back

Back in 1968, the group actually had their chance to come up with  an original song “I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else.” Their song even landed on the Hot 100 and seized the moment. After 50 years, the group makes a  proves that it’s never too late to go after your dreams.

Sadly, even if they continued to release albums in the 19comeback and70s, the 1980s, and 1990s, they never made it big, until today in 2017.


The song they performed, “Bring It on Home to Me,” was released by Cooke in 1962. It hit No. 2 on Billboard’s R&B chart. It was also classified as part of the “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll” according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Check out their version of “Bring It on Home to Me” here.


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