June 21

Mason Ramsey Releases New Song called “Twang”


The viral yodeling kid, Mason Ramsey, is at it again with his new song titled “Twang.” In the years after his video went viral, he used his spot in the limelight to introduce himself as a legitimate country singer.

mason ramsay, twang
via Mason Ramsay’s official Facebook page

Jamming to “Twang”

The music video was almost a journey of Mason Ramsey. Back then, we saw him as a young kid yodeling in Walmart. On his new music video, we can already see the changes because his music is also evolving. He is seen to be having a love interest with a girl older than him.

mason ramsay, twang
via Ramsay Mason official YouTube video of “Twang”

Worry not, because his signature voice is still somewhat the same as to what we all know. The title of the song is also very appropriate since you can still hear the twang in the track. Overall, his fans are impressed with the music that he released, since Mason is sticking to country. Oftentimes, someone gets pressured to do something that is on trend but not Mason Ramsey. He loves the traditional way of country and we hope to see more music like this from him in the future.

Mason Ramsey’s Rise to Fame

We mostly know Mason Ramsey as the viral yodeling kid at Walmart but this young boy has more country soul in him than most of the artists today. The internet once again proves that you can have a career once you go viral. On March of 2018, Ramsey was caught on camera singing Hank William’s song “Lovesick Blues.”

mason ramsay, twang
via Screengrab from YouTube

After a few days, people discovered the video, and it garnered 25 million views. This really was the talk of the town (or the internet) as it became the newest internet meme. He said that he wanted to perform on the stage of Grand Ole Opry. He knows that it is a huge milestone for any country artist to perform at the prestigious stage of Opry. And, guess what? He did it! He got to perform his famous version of “Lovesick Blues” at the historic stage, and he got to fulfill his dream.

Listen to his new song here:


Lovesick Blues, mason ramsay, twang

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