December 4

Mary Gauthier is Praying for the People Who Needs Mercy

Life may be unfair, and we will experience a lot of ups and downs. But, we need to understand that this experience will mold us to be a stronger person. Anyhow, the sad reality is, some of us give up easily without a fight, we need to understand that life is not a bed roses. There will be instances that we will experience its thorns. By the way, if you feel that your life is miserable right now, go ahead and listen to Mary Gauthier.

The Gothic Priestess

Life has been hard for her. She never knew who her mother was, and she got involved in drugs and even experienced being put to jail. We all have our own story, and it’s up to us on how to deal with it. Despite having a bad childhood, Mary Gauthier made a way to make her life fruitful. Until then, Gauthier found her outlet through music.

Mary Gauthier did not start in the music industry at a young age just like other artists. In fact, she began to write her first song at the age of 35. Moreover, her attempts to earn a spot in the music industry was not easy. Eventually, her sacrifices and hard work paid off when she received a lot of recognition and awards. To date, Gauthier is still active in the music industry and a regular performer at the Grand Ole Opry.

The Song that Speaks a Thousand Words

We have our different outlets. We use poems, painting, and songwriting to express how we feel. So as Mary Gauthier, who wrote “Mercy Now” that talks about life events, regardless if it is good or bad. Further, this masterpiece was released in 2005 as part of her fourth studio album.

Mary Gauthier is one of a kind. She is not afraid to acknowledge the dark side of life and create a masterpiece about it. I guess, we really need to accept the fact that life has two sides of the coin and her masterpiece “Mercy Now” says it all.


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