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Marty Robbins and Other Renditions of The Song “I Walk Alone”

marty robbins i walk alone

“I Walk Alone” is a love song performed by Marty Robbins in 1968. The song is about a man who patiently waits for his lover to come back. He promised that he would wait for her and not look for someone else. He knows that his love for her is strong enough that no one can make him change his mind to love another. Walk Alone in the song means that the narrator is not planning on falling in love with anyone else. He is only going to be alone while he waits for his lover.

Another No. 1 for Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins always performs outstandingly with all his songs. “I Walk Alone” is another No. 1 song for Marty Robbins. He recorded this song for his studio album I Walk Alone. The song also entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 65. Furthermore, “I Walk Alone” entered the Canadian Country charts. Herbert Wilson wrote the song for Robbins.

“I Walk Alone” and “I’ll Walk Alone”

“I Walk Alone” is always confused with another song recorded by Marty Robbins, “I’ll Walk Alone.” The latter is a pop song recorded originally by Dinah Shore for the movie Follow the Boys. This song was only covered by Robbins in 1962.

Different Versions

The song was covered by various artists, such as Eddy Arnold, Ernest Tubb, Don Gibson, Loretta Lynn, Kitty Wells, and Willie Nelson. Nelson changed the titled to “I’ll Walk Alone,” but the lyrics are still the same with Marty Robbins’ song. The song was not originally by Marty Robbins. His version was the only one that became popular. Eddy Arnold and Ernest Tubb recorded this song first before Marty did. Their version was recorded in 1945, although Tubb’s version was released only in 1996.

Marty Robbins’ Best Songs

Marty Robbins had 17 No.1 songs on the Billboard chart. He is best-known for his songs “El Paso,” “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife,” and “Big Iron.”

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I Walk Alone, Marty Robbins

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