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Marty Robbins’ “Singing the Blues” and its Different Renditions

Marty Robbins’ “Singing the Blues” and its Different Renditions 1
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Losing the love you love is not an easy thing to experience because it will break your heart in a way you never thought it could. But, the best way to get over a heartbreak is to feel it and to express how you feel.

Melvin Endsley, The Songwriter

“Singing the Blues” has been recorded by various artists, and most of the versions of this song entered the Billboard chart in the US and UK. Melvin Endsley wrote the song in 1956. “Singing the Blues” is the most well-known song written by Endsley. He wrote the song when he was 20 years old. Endsley is a songwriter who was inflicted with polio when he was young. Therefore, he was required to be in a wheelchair.

Marty Robbins’ Version

Marty Robbins first recorded Melvin’s song “Singing the Blues” in 1956. Robbins earned his second No.1 song on the Billboard country chart with this song. The song crossed over the Billboard pop chart. Marty’s song is included in his album Marty’s Greatest Hits. Two of his songs in his album also entered the Billboard chart, “Knee Deep in the Blues” and “A White Sports Coat” in 1956.

Other Versions

Aside from Marty Robbins’ version, Guy Mitchell also recorded “Singing the Blues” in 1956. His version also peaked the Billboard chart at No. 1. Furthermore, Mitchell’s version enters the UK Billboard chart. Other versions are from Tommy Steel in 1957, and Paul McCartney 1991.

About the Song

The song is about a man who is trying to express the pain he feels because the woman he loves left him. When the woman he loves left him, he felt like the world is going to end. He wasn’t ashamed of expressing his sadness and admitting that he cried because of her.

“Singin’ the Blues”

“Singin’ the Blues” has a similar title with Melvin Endsley’s song “Singin the Blues.” However, “Singin’ the Blues” is a 1920 classic jazz song written by Joe Young, Sam Lewis, Con Conrad and Russel Robinsons.

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Marty Robbins, Singing the Blues

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