August 7

Marty Robbins Medley: Keith Urban Yodeling?

Marty Robbins Medley: Keith Urban Yodeling? 1It is just sad that Marty Robbins passed away when he was only 57 years old and one can only imagine how far he could’ve come. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that he has managed to leave a lasting legacy and impression until to this world.

Robbins is considered to be one of the most successful crossover artists of all time not just because he has hit the country charts but also the pop charts. This crossover is the reason why he became a treasure as well as his songs and part of this is his iconic song “El Paso.”

In 2009, the biggest country stars came together to honor country legends like the “King of Country” George Strait. Then, he was chosen as the ACM’s “Artist of the Decade,” and a tribute concert was set up in his honor.

ACM also chose artists that had an influential role in each decade and so, Robbins was selected to represent the 1960’s.  There’s no doubt that he is the rightful artists for this time since he defined music at that time.

Keith Urban was given the honor and the task to pay tribute to Robbins at the ACM Artist of the Decade All-Star Concert. We can say that he really did try to take the task in all his prowess.

Robbins’ images flashed behind him as he took the center stage. He started off with the song  “Singing the Blues,” which Robbins was the first artist to record. One of the defining moments off his performance was when Urban threw in a bit of a yodel that definitely delighted the crowd to a cheer.

After “Singing the Blues,” Urban showed off his impressive guitar playing skills in a solo that lead to Robbins’ “El Paso.” Then, before the song’s heartbreaking final lines came to an end, he transitioned into the update “A White Sport Coat (and a Pink Carnation).”

What can you say about Urban’s performance? Was it a worthy performance ? Here is the video for you to judge.

Anyway, we are sure that  Robbins is pleased and we miss him.


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