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Marty Robbins’ Heartbreaking Song “Some Memories Just Won’t Die”

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It is never easy to fall in love with someone who still has feelings for their past lover. You cannot easily make them forget that person, because that person has become a part of who they are and it has been in their memory for a long time. Some people forget about the person they used to love but for some it never is easy. Their emotions seem to return to that person because of many reasons which we cannot understand. What are you going to do then if the person you love is still in love with their past lover? How will you change their mind?

Marty Robbins’ “Some Memories Just Won’t Die”

“Some Memories Just Won’t Die” is a heartbreaking ballad by Marty Robbins which was released in 1982. In addition, the song was included on his forty-ninth studio album Come Back to Me. The song was A-side to his album Come Back to Me. Moreover, the song was able to enter the Billboard Country chart at No. 10. Bobby Lee Springfield wrote the song for Marty Robbins.

Album Performance

Robbins’ studio album Come Back to Me entered the US Billboard Top Country Albums at No. 25. Moreover, the album spent a total of 38 weeks on the chart. The album peaked on the chart in 1983.

Other Version of the Song

In 2015, Andy Lee Lang recorded a version of Marty Robbins’ song “Some Memories Just Won’t Die.”

About the Song

The sad ballad is a story of a man who feels the pain of being in love with a woman who is still in love with her past lover. He knows that she is still in love with another man because she mentions his name in her sleep. Furthermore, he can see it in her eyes that she still has feelings for her ex-lover. What do you think should the narrator do? Should he stay with his lover or leave her?

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Marty Robbins, some memories won't just die

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