August 6, 2018

Marty Robbins’ “Just Married” doesn’t End Happily ever After

Marty Robbins’ “Just Married” doesn’t End Happily ever After 1
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There is nothing better than spending the rest of your life with the person you love. Waking up with them, sharing everything with them and even getting married to them. Most people consider marrying the person they love to be the best day of their life, which is true because there is nothing better than that. However, what if the person you love is not about to spend their life with you, but with somebody else? What are you going to do? Are you going to confess your love to that person before they get married? Or are you going to just watch them spend the rest of their life with another person?

“Just Married” Another No. 1 Song

“Just Married” is another Marty Robbins No. 1 song on the US Billboard Hot Country Chart in 1958. This song became Marty Robbins’ fifth No. 1 song on the Billboard. The song peaked on the chart the year after he had two No. 1 on the chart, “A White Sports Coat” and “The Story of my Life.” Barry De Vorzon and Al Allen wrote the song for Marty. He released the song as a single, without any accompanying album with it.

The Song’s Content

What will you do then if the person you love is getting married to another person? In Marty’s song “Just Married” it was not the happy ending we are all hoping for. The man in the song watched the woman he loves marry another man. It was not mentioned in the song if he did anything to make her fall in love with her or if he confessed his love to her. In addition, it wasn’t mentioned if the man and the bride used to date. All he did was attend the wedding of the woman he loves and watches her be happy, while he stood there in pain and dying slowly inside.

If you were the man in the song what will you do then? Will you just stand there and watch the person you love slip away from you? Or will you do something about it?

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