May 29

“Don’t Worry”: Marty Robbins’ Seventh No. 1 Single on the Chart

marty robbins don't worry

Marty Robbins, who sang beautiful love songs and gunfighter ballads, has a total of 17 number one songs on the US Billboard charts. His voice is absolutely charming and is difficult to resist. Any song given to him he will certainly turn it to perfection.

“Don’t Worry” Chart Performance

“Don’t Worry” is a country pop song written by Marty Robbins and performed by him in 1961. His song “Don’t Worry” peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Charts for a total of 10 weeks and further remained on the chart for a total of 19 weeks.  Moreover, his song crossed over to the Billboard Pop Charts, spending a total of 15 weeks on the chart at No. 3. This was his song that peaked at the highest on the pop charts. “Don’t Worry” is part of his album More Greatest Hits, which is a compilation album released in 1961 under Columbia Records.

The Song’s Content

It is another sad song of a man who is trying to tell his lover that he can still manage with her. The man doesn’t want any pity or anything from his lover. He just accepted the painful truth that they’re both over. All he has to do is to try to find a way to move on. However, as you listen carefully to each word of the song, you can really feel the pain the man is feeling. He just tries to pretend that everything is okay and he can handle it. He just wants his ex-lover to not feel guilty about them parting ways. Yet deep within him, he is dying inside.

It is true that one will really feel more pain than the other when a breakup will happen, especially if the person breaking up is not in love anymore. Just like the narrator says,

“When one heart tells one heart, one heart good-bye
One heart is free, one heart will cry”

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don't worry, Marty Robbins

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