December 8

Marty Raybon of Shenandoah Celebrates his Birthday

Born December 8, 1959, Marty Raybon is an American country music artist. Primarily known as the lead singer of the band Shenandoah, this is the role which he held from 1985 to 1997. After that, he left and then rejoined them in 2014. As a solo artist under Sparrow Records, he recorded his first solo album, Marty Raybon, in 1995. Before leaving Shenandoah in 1997, he and his brother Tim formed a duo known as the Raybon Brothers. The Raybon brothers had crossover success that year with the hit single “Butterfly Kisses”.

In 1997, the two split up. Marty Raybon started his career again as a solo artist. In the year 2000, he released a second self-titled album. Then, the album Full Circle followed by 2003. When the Sand Runs Out, which included the single “Shenandoah Saturday Night”, was released in 2006. The song’s lyrics referenced the titles of Shenandoah’s hit singles.

Here is Marty Raybon singing “Ghost in this House” on Country’s Family Reunion.

In Marty Robbins’ Web Page, what does it all really say about Marty Raybon?

Among his circle, he is considered to possess one of the purest natural country voices in the business.  Here are just a few comments.

  • Lead vocalist of Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox, refers to Marty Raybon as: “The greatest singer on the planet to this day!”
  • Country music star, Josh Turner says, “Marty is one of the best soul singers in music. He gets inside a song and turns it inside out. When you listen to him sing, he makes every word sound important and makes you feel as though he is singing straight to you. I love everything he’s done. He’s a great singer, a great artist, and a great man”.
  • Grammy Award-winning Christian artist, Jason Crabb says that Marty has “One of the greatest voices to ever sing, with a tear in his voice that will just melt you”.

Again, what does that really say about Marty Raybon?

Clearly, Marty Raybon is a talented and accomplished man. He is a man who has left a permanent mark on the world of entertainment. Among his works, he has appeared on all the major television networks. Moreover, he has been featured in numerous hit music videos. He traveled around the world entertaining fans along the way. When he does, he always leaves the audience with a clear and lasting impression of himself as the singer of songs. Therefore, it is sound to say that Marty Raybon is a famous man.


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