July 19

This Marty Ray dude Deserves Unending Applause for Skynyrd Cover ‘Simple Man’

This Marty Ray dude Deserves Unending Applause for Skynyrd Cover 'Simple Man' 1

It really takes a good voice paired with a good song to make it perfect. These were the words that first popped out of my mind when I heard this man’s voice. Born and raised in the South and a truly big fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marty Ray. With different music genres ranging from country, rock, then pop, with his covers, he entertained millions of fans. Over the years, he generated loyal followers, and maybe most of the Skynyrd fans will definitely add up after hearing his cover of the “Simple Man.

The Song

“Simple Man” was written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington. It was released on Skynyrd’s debut album. And as of today, it is the band’s third best-selling song, with over a million copies sold.

With his interpretation of the song “Simple Man”, he brought us a simple acoustic cover of the classic song of Skynyrd. The song really brings out the power in the voice of Marty. His voice quality is raw and it has a raspy touch to it which tends to remind us of Skynyrd’s lead singer Ronnie Van Zant. This attribute also adds to the emotional power of the song.

A lot of people who covers this song don’t seem to commit themselves to the song, but Marty is different. He is the exact opposite. He committed to the song as he performed the “Simple Man” and you can actually feel his passion just by looking into his face and listening to his voice while he sings.

You really can’t miss hearing this cover of Marty Ray. See and feel it yourself – the passion and power in his voice. There’s only one downside though. It might end up in your mind for a while, like a music player with the repeat button on.



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