October 27

In Words and In a Song, Marty Speaks of God as Father

Marty Haggard– firstborn of country legend Merle Haggard had his share of life’s challenges and privileges. He tasted poverty in childhood, a breakthrough in the musical career, affluence, tragic stabbing by a highway robber, a drug charge, and finally, he had come home to where he actually belongs-in God’s bosom.

“It was like a rock hit me, and I totally turned my life over to God,” says Marty.


p style=”text-align: justify”>For the next decade since 1999, Marty studied and took up music ministry. He toured around the country and abroad, including Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland performing songs while at the same time sharing with the audience his relationship with Jesus.
He also wrote songs; mostly spiritual and refrained from singing any song which talks of drinking, cheating, and the like that sadly, has also peppered not a few country songs both from the past and present.

I’m not saying I’m Mr. Righteous,” he says. “But music is a powerful tool and if I’m going to affect anyone with a song it dang sure isn’t going to be in a bad way if I can help it.”

Listen to Marty Haggard’s mini-sermon and his rendition of Beulah Land.

“The words that we use reveal how little or how much we know. You never once heard Jesus look at the heavens and say God. He always looked and said Father. Until we look up without hesitation, and not from indoctrination or training, but from our hearts look up and see nothing but a father, it’s then and only then we are viewing him from the son’s perspective.”
(Transcribed from the clip.)

Marty may not have filled his father Merle’s shoes, but we see him doing his best to step on the Heavenly Father’s footprints. He may have lost a wide array of audience when he turned his back from the allure of Nashville fame, but he gained the approval of a much greater audience-God.


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