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Martina McBride and Husband Turn Country Angels To Help Music Student Walk Again

Martina McBride & Friends Help Music Student Walk Again

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Charity and generosity is something that makes this world a little less cruel. Martina McBride and her husband is a living testimony of such as they helped a music student walk again.

David Francisco was in a horrific biking accident that turned his world upside down. His spinal cord was completely severed after he was struck by a car while riding his bike. His body slammed into the windshield, thrown 10 feet into the air then crashed into a pavement.

It took him moments to realize what has happened to him. He cried every day for months and fear flooded his brain.

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“I can’t walk. Now I’m never gonna have a marriage and have sex. I can’t bike. I can’t play with my children. I can’t play soccer,” he said.

“You think about all this stuff you lose. The mental battle is so tough.”

His parents are from Knoxville, Tennessee so it took a while to get to Nashville. Martina McBride and her husband John, also Francisco’s teacher, was there right after the accident happened.

“He’s laying there in misery,” McBride said. “He was in and out of it. A huge gash on his left arm, and they sewed up while I was standing there. Oh God.

“Man, it was so emotional,” McBride said. “You relate as a parent.”

When the father walked in the room, he fell into McBride’s arms.

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“We hugged as if we knew each other all our lives,” Platillero said. “We’re both crying, and he said, ‘We’re going to be with you all the way through this.’”

The McBride family with their close colleagues had to do something to help Francisco. They were able to raise funds of more than $30,000; the school refunded the family’s deposit. Nashville-based MusiCares, the charity branch of the Grammys organization, chipped in and MusiCares also stepped in to help him.

Francisco immediately began treatment at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. They specialize in intensive rehabilitation routines for spinal cord and brain injuries.

The 24-year-old music student went through eight months of intense, painful physical therapy in Atlanta where he regained some use of his legs.

Through the generosity of the McBrides and the community, Francisco was able to return to John McBride’s Blackbird Academy music school in Nashville last January. After suffering through what seemed like the worst imaginable moment of his life, Francisco only looks toward optimism to guide him through.

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He has a girlfriend now, and Francisco is moving to Los Angeles soon to be with her.

The rate of improvement has slowed, and Francisco sometimes worries what might happen if the progress stops.

“I do sometimes wonder how much I’m banking on continual improvement. If it was to stop, would it change my attitude? But I’m gonna keep trying and see what happens.”

We wish you all the best, David, you’re an inspiration.


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