September 13

Martina McBride and her Dad: Impressive Singing Duo!

Forget about Daddy-daughter dances for now. In the following video, we’ll see Martina performing a superb duet with her dad Daryl Schiff. They put together Wild side of Life by Hank Thompson and It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels by Kitty Wells. Mr. Schiff sings Hank’s song and in response, Martina sings Kitty’s classic. What was the effect? Fabulous delivery!


Well, that was country folks!
What now? Am I hearing cheers and wishes that this father-daughter duo record an album, too?
And have you noticed the look in Martina’s face? Nothing would give a girl great pride than to have her daddy’s support close by.

I’m sure lots of daddy’s girls out there are feeling envious now. At least we now know where Martina got her talent from. Thanks, daddy Daryl Schiff for instilling the love of music, particularly country, in Martina. That brought us our sensational Martina McBride!

For those who may not know it yet, Daryl Schiff is a regular performer at Wilmore Opry, a homey stage for various families and entertainers in Comanche County, Kansas. The performers are not paid. Instead, proceeds from the Opry go to different causes within and the surrounding counties.  Hmmm… Sounds just like our Martina. To the avid fans, we all know how she fundraised and championed different causes, right?
Martina McBride and her Dad: Impressive Singing Duo! 1(photo source:  Wilmore Opry )


Wild side of Life – It was Country Billboard’s chart topper in the early 1950s and Hank Thompson’s first successful single. It’s a short narrative of a man sour-graping a woman’s infidelity, choosing the night life and all that it entails.

It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels –  response song to the “Wild Side of Life.”

Here, Kitty Wells counters the male’s logic of solely blaming women for going “wild.” The song then shifts the blame to unfaithful, married men. Not surprisingly, the song caused a stir. Still, it was a hit in 1952.


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