September 18

Breathtaking Cover: Martina McBride sings Garth Brooks’ “The Dance”

If you think you will be disappointed, watch it in full first. I assure you, you’ll love Martina’s rendition from start to finish.


Disregard the video’s title with George Strait’s name on it. Here, we see Martina nailed Garth Brooks’ signature song. It was a tribute to Garth Brooks being the previous Artist of the Decade in the 1990’s. The title is about to be passed to George Strait for 2000. Though not mentioned, Garth Brooks would have surely approved and applauded Martina for it. Prior to her rise as a music artist, Martina used to sell T-shirts for Garth Brooks’ tour while her husband busied himself with the sound system. In 1991, Garth discovered her knack in singing so he offered that she do opening acts in his concerts. That was her kickoff to becoming a country star.

While we will always love the original, there is no denying that Martina’s voice and delivery were a perfect fit for the song. In her own right, she has got one of the most distinctive female singing voices in “country” today. At the sound of her voice and upon hearing on a radio, you will automatically recognize it is her. Yet here, we can also prove her versatility as a singer. It was effortless and look at the stage presence!  There was conviction, power, and emotion. A soul diva to say the least.


I would say that if Alan Jackson is the living epitome of country music, then Martina is the female version. She has got the full package for a legit artist from her songwriting prowess to first-rate singing, the strength of her character and her ceaseless efforts to aid those in need.


Written by singer-songwriter Tony Arata, a big hit in the ’90s, and Garth Brooks’ favorite. Three years prior to Garth’s success with it, “The Dance” was repeatedly declined by Nashville artists because of its non-country music format.


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