The Truth about the Picture Perfect Marriage of Johnny Cash

February 5, 2019

Marriage, by legal definition, is the union of a man and a woman to be called husband and wife. Anyway, no matter how we define it, marriage is not easy because the couple will be together for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, choosing a life partner is a hard quest, there’s a lot of people but there’s only one qualified. Also, the couple needs to have a mutual feeling towards each other for them to proceed to the next steps. Sadly, some of the picture perfect couples did not last and they did not live happily ever after. I guess having a perfect family can only be seen on fairy tales. So as Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter, but as the saying goes “it takes two to tango.” Let’s check out what happeedn to their fairy tale love story.

The Perfect Couple

Johnny Cash and June Carter were one of country music’s most loved couples. In addition, they had a perfect life, career, and marriage. But we only see the tip of the iceburg, we only see what they want us to see. And in reality, there’s a lot of cracks behind that lovely fairy tale relationship.

Photo Credits: Johnny Cash/Official Facebook Home Page

Reality Behind the Beautiful Picture

The couple had been together for 35 years, but Johnny Cash and his wife did not sleep on a bed of roses throughout their marriage. Further, they faced bankruptcy, suffering, and addiction. Cash and Carter may seem so perfect, but they are filled with disparate personalities. But the worst part is, both of them were active junkies that also affected their relationship to their children. In an interview with John Carter Cash, he said:

"My father, he wouldn’t be belligerent or violent. It was never that way. He just would simply sort of slip out of the picture. It happened the same way with my mother, later."

Perhaps they tried their best to be good parents. Maybe they were just surrounded with the wrong people. What are your thoughts about this?