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Mark Wills and his Heartfelt “I Do (Cherish You)”


Mark Wills

A country hit song in the 90s, “I Do (Cherish You)” was first recorded by country singer Mark Wills. It was originally written by Keith Stegall and Dan Hill. Further, it was produced by an American producer and songwriter Carson Chamberlain. The song was released in February 1998. It was Wills’ first single from his second album, Wish You Were Here.

Mark Wills I Do Cherish You
Photo Credit: Mark Wills/youtube.com by Screengrab

Upon its release, “I Do (Cherish You)” immediately entered country charts and ranked number 2 on US Hot Country Songs. Further, the song penetrated the Billboard Hot 100 where it placed number 72. This song contributed to the success of Wills’ career. Some artists also made their own version of the song.

About the Song

Mark Wills I Do (Cherish You)
Photo Credit: Mark Wills/ youtube.com by Screengrab

I do, cherish you 
For the rest of my life 
You don’t have to think twice 
I will, love you still 

If you have found someone who loves you unconditionally and appreciates you for who you are, then you are a lucky one. It is the greatest pleasure to have someone who will never get tired of listening to your unending dramas, rants, and problems in life.  Someone who will bring out the best in you. That is the kind of person you should spend your whole life with. Never take that person for granted.

Just like the song “I Do (Cherish You) ” which shows that the man fell deeply in love with a woman who made him a better person.  You can also feel the man’s love towards his woman in every word of the song. He is gladly willing to spend his whole life being with the woman of his dreams.

This song is also considered as one of the perfect songs for a wedding day.

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I Do (Cherish You), Mark Wills

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