February 26

“Never, Ever, And Forever” By Lee Ann Womack And Mark Wills

“Never, Ever, And Forever” By Lee Ann Womack And Mark Wills 1

In every aspect of a relationship, every one of us is expecting a truthful and a triumphant flow. We certainly would like someone who can show the sincerity of their actions being presented. Moreover, we would like somebody who can display truthful engagements and definitely a faithful relationship. And of course, a kind of connection that could conceal the “never”, but with a zest of “ever and forever”.

The song “Never, Ever, And Forever” will show us that there is an ingenious in “love”. In addition, the song has a heart-capturing melody that will make you believe that a promise can never be broken, but to be kept for a long, long time. The lyrics also portray simplicity yet with a touch of honesty. Moreover, the combination of Lee Ann Womack and Mark Wills’ voice makes the whole composition one of the best love country songs of all time.

As the lyrics say…

How can I make you believe
Happy I am when your with me
I cross my heart
I’m telling the truth
A promise is a promise
So I promise you

The very first lines alone represents a person’s feeling. A feeling of truthfulness mended with happiness. If someone promises you “love” using the words “I cross my heart” that is simply a picture of genuineness in his/her intentions.

And it goes…

You make all my fears disappear
I’m braver than I could imagine
You give me courage
When all hope is gone
I’m feeling lost
Your love keeps me strong

A relationship should lift both of you. It’s understandable, there are problems and ups and downs but this shouldn’t be a barrier to weaken what you have. Instead, a probationary to make your relationship stronger as days, months, years go by. Both should encourage every time someone’s disposition isn’t working. Be each other’s light despite the gloomy situations.


I’ll never let go of your hand
Always be faithful
I know I can
I’ll never stop caring
I will always be true
I’ll forever love you

Both should be faithful for your love to work out. It’s not something you need to rehearse but it’s something you commit yourself to entering a relationship. Stand for what you have promised to do. Never letting go of each other’s hand and never stop caring, for at the end of the day that caring, that commitment will make both of you sturdy enough to face the tribunals.


Never, and forever
We finally know what that means

A stern relationship can’t be impaired by anyone and under any circumstances. As long as, with a flavor of sufficient trust, adequate happiness, abundant time, and necessary communication. Then that relationship can stand the ground no matter what.

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