October 11

Fiddle Rematch in Charlie Daniel’s “The Devil Comes Back to Georgia”

There’s artistry to the max in this music video interpretation featuring Mark O’Connor, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Travis Tritt, & Marty Stuart! Credit for today’s featured track goes to Mark O’Connor and his album, Heroes

The Devil Comes Back To Georgia (Official Music Video)
Video Courtesy: LifeWithDanieL: DANIEL JOHNSON

To Defeat the Devil, Cast Down Pride

Interestingly but not surprising, Johnny Cash played the preacher narrating the clash between light & darkness. The protagonist Johnny, now an adult, is their battleground.  Though long defeated, the devil’s a persistent foe. He thinks that after much achievement, Johnny’s flesh is sure puffed up with pride. Using pride as his tool, he meant to trip Johnny and to see him fall. But, the Lord’s on Johnny’s side. Fortunately, Johnny wisely yielded himself to the keeping of a good conscience. Hence, his gentle playing of the fiddle nullified the devil’s scheme and accusation.

Travis Tritt’s role-playing of the devil is convincing while Marty Stuart’s a cool voice of reason. In the act, Daniels and O’Connor’s fiddling was a sight to behold. To wrap, all men were among the best that Nashville has ever produced.

Critics & Reception

The award-winning ensemble got nominations in the CMA Award for Vocal Event of the Year (1994) and Grammy Awards for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals (1995).

As for the album, O’Connor’s “Heroes” did well on charts peaking at 14th on US Billboard Top Heat Seekers and 46th on Top Country Albums. Among all the 14 tracks, “The Devil Comes Back to Georgia” got the most plays on various streaming apps online. Though a Charlie Daniel’s song, O’Connor’s versatility, and musicianship were highly praised. For instance, “The Lost Angeles Times” calls O’Connor as “One of the most talented and imaginative artists working in music — any music — today.”

Fiddle Rematch in Charlie Daniel’s “The Devil Comes Back to Georgia” 1

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Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Mark O’Connor, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt

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