September 19

A Marine’s Stunning Cover of Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses”

On a special occasion, a marine treated his fellow marine brothers to a private concert performing a few tunes during their downtime. It was, however, his performance of the renowned Randy Travis‘ gospel tune that stood out that time.

A Marine's Stunning Cover of Randy Travis' "Three Wooden Crosses" 1
Evan Moore sings Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses” to his fellow marines. | Photo Credits: Screengrab via Facebook page of Evan Moore

In an impromptu concert, Evan Moore picked up his guitar and performed “Three Wooden Crosses” for his fellow servicemen. The group was in awe as Moore’s vocals stunningly sounded like that of Travis’. Moreover, his voice was superbly suited for the Travis classic as he sounded harmoniously fit like Travis. His natural baritone vocals filled out those hard to reach low notes of the country singer that only a few could perfectly do.

By the end of his performance, the other marines burst into loud cheers and applause. One of his friends even yelled:

“Hell yeah, boy!”

On the other hand, Moore celebrated his astonishing performance. Also, he responded to his friends by raising his fist in the air. It’s as if he responded “Oh yeah!”

The video was originally posted on Moore’s personal Facebook page. If you want to see more of him, you can follow him on his Facebook page by simply clicking the video below. We hope that the country music icon Randy Travis himself would watch this performance as it is an exceptional talent from a serviceman. Also, we do hope that Evan Moore continues to hone such an amazing voice God has given him.

Watch Moore’s performance below and surely, you’ll agree with us that he has that Travis vibe in him:

Might as well throw this one out too 😂 don’t judge my shaved head!

Posted by Evan Moore on Friday, September 14, 2018

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