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The Mandrell Tres Marias And The Touching Tribute Of Louise To Her Sister Barbara Mandrell

The Mandrell Tres Marias And The Touching Tribute Of Louise To Her Sister Barbara Mandrell 1

The Mandrell Tres Marias Barbara, Irlene, and Louise is truly undeniable. Their love for each other is, indeed, inspiring. In addition, the touching tribute of Louise to her sister Barbara can make your eyes water.

All of them are talented with different paths towards their careers. Despite their differences, their love will bind them as they are sisters forever. This is about their story especially the tribute of Louise to her sister Barbara, the sweetheart of country music.

A little bit about Barbara Irlene, and Louise…

Barbara is one of the most successful female country singers in history. Most of her singles were sold millions. Additionally, Barbara received boundless appreciation from country music listeners as well as award-giving bodies such as Country Music Awards and the Grammys. With this undoubtedly, she’s definitely a people mover and an inspiration. While Louise and Irlene had done several projects embracing solo careers. They had released their own albums, too.

On the other hand, “The Barbara Mandrell And The Mandrell Sisters” skyrocketed to fame when their variety show premiered in 1980. However, each of them had their own identity and different choices on what to pursue in their lives.

The three had done several collaborations especially Louise and Barbara. The trio can make a show jam-packed with their oozing appeals and astonishing talents. Moreover, the combination of their voices can give you chills.

Louise’s Tribute To Barbara…

The most successful amongst The Mandrell’s Sisters is Barbara Mandrell. No one is more proud of Barbara’s achievements and accomplishments than her family, especially her younger sister Louise.

As a matter of fact, Louise took the stage in 1982 at Country Music Awards to show the world what she thinks about her sister. Louise moved her sister to tears when she sang “She Believes In Me”. It was her tribute to her sister Barbara. Louise actually altered the song and changed the lyrics to make it more about them. One very interesting line was when Louise included

“The greatest entertainer of our Time”.

It turned out a very touching tribute to her sister. With this, it touched Barbara and made her cry. Moreover, Louise and her song touched the audience on that night as well.

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Flashback to Barbara Mandrell’s “I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool”



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