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Every Country Girl’s Kind of Man Found in this Michael Ray Track



Ask your girlfriends what makes a real man and they’ll gladly present you a list. To be precise, their own set of opinions on what they expect from their man. So if the kind who only want to hear a simplistic answer, skip dialing your gals’ phone numbers and have a listen instead to this Michael Ray song.

Real Men Love Jesus –Michael Ray

A Few Good Men

After listening to the embedded clip, I bet you now know where to look for these few good men. No, there’s no town where they’re all bunch together. They’re anywhere and everywhere. As Michael Ray puts it in his song, a real man loves Jesus. So, if you want a Mr. Right or Mr. Forever, or whatever you might want to call it, that’s the trait to determine if he’s for keeps.

The Song Writing

Lance Miller, Brad and Brett Warren and Adam Sanders collaborated on a song to best represent guys who are often overlooked. The result came as “Real Men Love Jesus.” That title was decided based on a recollection of Brett Warren. Back in 2014, Brett Warren was driving when he saw a bumper sticker bearing the aforementioned title. He saw it not just on one but two fenders. Warren took that as a sign.
Every Country Girl’s Kind of Man Found in this Michael Ray Track 1
And the singer’s thoughts? Hitmaker and Contemporary Country singer Michael Ray says he felt honored to record this track. He pretty much wanted to put a song cataloging the kind of man he has witnessed in the men who raised him – his dad and grandpa.

And here’s a plus, Ray shared that a line stuck out to him. It says,

To say I love you, they don’t need a reason.

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