January 10

What a Man Ain’t Made Of? Randy Travis Will Tell You

Here’s one to touch the soft spot of tough and gritty men.

Hear it straight from the man who can reconcile the balance between gentleness and machismo.

“A Man Ain’t Made Of Stone” by Randy Travis

Song’s Anatomy

Presenting men in their vulnerability is the appeal for this tune. It seeks to give clarity on what goes inside them once broken. Regardless of their macho façade, men are not beyond emotionalism. Undoubtedly, it had the potential to reach not just the women, but a growing listenership among men.

The Randy Travis Way

There’s no mistaking about his voice once heard. It’s recognizable and incomparable. As an artist hailing from the 80s, he had preserved much of the musical finesse he was groomed in from that era. Not surprising, he also had his share of critics about his music being too country. Well, our man did what a real man should. He stood his ground.

Three decades passed and he’s still the Randy Travis we’ve known and appreciated. He is one among the few who can create a balance between talent and just plain singing from the heart.

The Music Video

The three scenarios (boulder house, flower shop, and cemetery) were an easy fit for the song’s content. The boulder directs the viewer’s imagination on the stone analogy. Buying roses in a flower shop draw attention to the tender side of men. Added to that fact is the inclusion of two young lovers. Finally, Travis reached his lover’s burial site. Acting as a statement of a man’s devotion to a departed lover, it’s the ultimate catch for “A Man Ain’t Made of Stone.”

Details aside, we don’t want to miss how Randy gave life to the song’s persona. He was, effortlessly, in character. Notice as well how expressive his eyes were in the video.


Life, Randy Travis

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