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Our Man in Black Sings of the Man in White

Our Man in Black Sings of the Man in White 1

One thing that’s interesting about Johnny Cash is his diligence in all his crafts. Once he’s into something, he’ll go through anything in order to work it to perfection.

After his conversion experience, Cash with his wife, June Carter, worked to gain an in-depth understanding of their newfound faith in Christ. Besides having Billy Graham as his spiritual mentor, he seriously took his biblical studies. His efforts bore fruits as it helped shape his perspective in writing Gospel-themed-songs to which the Man in White was one.

Who are you, Lord? I asked him, but I already knew.

The Man in White


Cash’s reading and re-telling of Paul’s conversion story is superbly done! By the way, he also wrote a book about it. Check it here.

Johnny Cash and the Apostle Paul

Our Man in Black Sings of the Man in White 2

Both men have the kind of commendable zeal required to accomplish great feats. They, however, initially fought the wrong battle. Had it not for Jesus’ intervention, Cash and Paul would have remained blindsided by their misplaced zeal.

Cash’s Man in White appeared to Paul and the encounter left him blinded for days. He did not remain in such state though as God healed him through the laying of hands by one of his children. After that encounter, Paul became one of the most zealous followers of Jesus in mankind’s history.

And I was blinded so that I might see

The same could be said about Johnny Cash. Recalling how he almost committed suicide had God not prevented it, Cash deeply identified with Paul. After years of kicking against the prick, he also had a personal encounter with the living Savior. Without delay, Cash then unabashedly walked his faith. Finally, his zeal became his Master’s asset as Cash became Jesus’ mouthpiece through his songs in Hollywood.

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