November 10

Have You Seen the Man George Had Always Wanted to Meet?


It is interesting to hear the country legend George Jones singing like the lot of us about how thrilled he was upon meeting various ‘famous’ and ‘best’ people. It concluded with the greatest man he had ever met, Jesus.

I’ve met the famous and I’ve met the best
But there one man I’ve never met that outshines all the rest
And He’s one man I always wanted to meet
He is the King of Kings and He’s the Prince of peace
(lifted from the song)

Thankfully, Jones did not have to wait until he rested in peace before meeting Jesus. Like Johnny Cash, he had his share of experience in finding God’s mercy at the lowest point of his life. After a nasty automobile accident in 1999, Jones had never been so afraid of dying that he begged God to spare him and that he’ll straighten up. He reached out to gospel singer Vestal Goodman for help. His wife Nancy supported him and was an eyewitness to the positive changes done on him by the Lord. In an interview with 700 Club, he said,

“…I went through 30 days of reading the Bible, keeping my mind off of anything else, and the Bible was one of the books that I really believed in but never lived or read like I should have until I was in the hospital. I saw a different life. I didn’t know there was a way back. There was no way. But then I started reading the Bible, and I found that way back with the Lord’s help and Nancy staying by my side.”

 May you rest now in his bosom good ole boy George! After devoting the last years of your life singing about him, now you are singing for him up there in heaven.

“A Man I’ve Always Wanted to Meet” by the Possum


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