August 30

After Hurricane Harvey, Texas Man Goes Fishing In House


Throughout Houston and surrounding area, the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey are still pouring.  Officials still can’t see how much the damage from the hurricane really is. Eventhough, there are still some stories that are interesting popping out throughout the city. For example, the video of this man catching a fish swimming in his living room.

Saul Saldana and his daughter Viviana were just trying to survive the floodwaters during the time they saw something swimming around them. Viviana quickly grabbed her camera and Saul got to work. After a few moments of diving in the water after the fish, he was able to catch its tail and pull it into the air.

Being in a flood is not a laughing matter. However, this family found a little laughter during the whole ordeal. People are now watching their viral video all over the world.

Viviana said that the fish made its way into their home when they opened the back door. The family was attempting to let out some of the water but ending up with letting in an unwanted guest. Luckily, Saul is an avid fisherman and knew just what to do with the fish.

Right now, it appears the troubling rain will continue through at least today. Water rescues are taking place all throughout Houston, but multiple other counties are affected by the storm as well. Officials are expecting Hurricane Harvey to make landfall a second time later this week. However, this time, it will be turning towards Mississippi and away from Texas.

As of now, two deaths are to blame on the Hurricane, and countless others are evacuating the city. On Sunday, the calls for help became so overwhelming for rescue workers that many people wound up turning to social media for help instead.

Pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


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