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Country Legend Ray Price had Sung of “A Man Called Peter”

Country Legend Ray Price had Sung of "A Man Called Peter" 1
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From the Holy Bible, we’ve learned of Peter as one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. As a matter of fact, the gospel books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke listed Peter as the first to be called upon by Jesus to be His apostle. Peter was a sinful man but upon witnessing Christ’s miracle of fish, he realized his mistakes and instantly asked for forgiveness. Loving as He is, Jesus forgives Peter and welcomes him into His inner circle. From then on, Peter turned away from his old life and began a beautiful journey with Jesus.

The influence that Peter’s life has on Christians was so profound. Probably, his life was the greatest redemption story ever written. To note, Jesus spoke to Peter the same words twice. During their first meeting after Peter recognized Christ power and glorify Him through asking forgiveness, Jesus told him, “Follow Me!” When Peter failed Jesus by denying Him, Jesus forgave Peter and restored him and said the same words once again.

The Song about “A Man Called Peter”

Inspired by Peter’s life and faith, a song about him emerged around the mid-1950s. American lyricist, songwriter, and music publisher Charles Tobias penned the song “A Man Called Peter” together with Ken Stein. The song was created as the official soundtrack to the movie of the same title which appeared on the silver screen in 1955. It was singer Darryl Stewart who recorded the soundtrack.

That same year, country legend Ray Price made his version of the song. “A Man Called Peter” was one of the first two gospel songs that Price recorded in 1955. The cover came about as a result of Price’s strong feeling of recording gospel songs for his audience in the South. Price’s cover appeared on his 2013 gospel album Countrypolitan Classics – Ray Price.

His version consisted of only two stanzas with the second being repeated. The first verse introduces Peter whom the narrator met and conversed with. He went on to describe him as kind and humble and having the ability to make his heart shine. In the second line, the singer expresses his gratefulness for knowing Peter. The famous Biblical character was instrumental in the singer’s search for contentment. And by the time he found what he’s searching for through the help of Peter, his soul was freed, and his heart was filled with happiness.

Listen to Ray Price’s cover of “A Man Called Peter” below.

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