May 11

Would You Want To Spend Another Dinner At “Mama’s Table”?

When was the last time you ate with the family at your Mama’s table? When I was young, my mother rarely allowed me in the kitchen. Because of that, dinner was always something of a miracle to me. But, I know you will agree with me when I say that our mothers are behind lots of wonders. To some, the table is only a thing. To most of us, it is a place. We may have grown up knowing that he family’s table can only belong to our mothers, but the legacy truly belongs to all of us.

In 2009, the legendary Oak Ridge Boys released a new album, The Boys Are Back. One of the singles, written by Jamey Johnson, was the story of “Mama’s Table”. The song reminds us why it was so important that Mom wanted us to sit at the dinner table to eat, rather than hide in our bedchambers or play video games in the living room.

Would You Want To Spend Another Dinner At "Mama’s Table"? 1
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To Have One More Dinner at Mama’s Table

And when we got down on our luck
It seemed like it held us up
You could always feel the love
In mama’s table.

In most homes, an old table still situates. It was where our families gathered, bodies nurtured, souls blessed, fights settled, and vital issues deliberated. Moreover, our most favorite part – it was where Mom and Dad prayed, stories voiced, tears shed, and laughter shared. Listening to the song makes us remember the treasures that symbolize our family’s joys. Throughout our childhood, until we grow up, we all together cherish most of the country customs, ageless traditions, sweet memories, and warm communion in our family. When Jamey Johnson wrote the song, he must have thought of all the everyday scenarios at his own Mama’s table. The Oak Ridge Boys, on the other hand, performed it sentimentally that it made me reminisce mine.

How much personal time can you sacrifice just to have another dinner at your Mama’s table?

We hope you will love how Jamey Johnson presented this touching song of love and family and remembrance. I bet that after listening to this song, you’ll never want to miss the chance to sit at “Mama’s Table” again.

Read more life-changing stories and hear heartwarming country songs by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily. Today, whisper the words “I love you” as you share this song with your mothers.


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