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How “Make the World Go Away” Linked More than One Artist

“Make the World Go Away” is a country-popular music that Hank Cochran penned. While he was on a date at a movie theater in 1960, Hank Cochran got the inspiration for the song. Quickly, he left the theater. By the time he arrived home, he completed the lyrics of “Make the World Go Away” in just fifteen minutes.

How “Make the World Go Away” Established Links

Before the legendary Colonel Tom Parker became Elvis Presley’s manager, he worked for veteran country artists Eddie Arnold and Hank Snow. As fans of both singers, Vernon and Gladys Presley—The King’s parents—became crazy about what Mr. Parker said. He told the Presleys that their boy could be hit singers like them.

In the year 1965, Eddie Arnold made a cover of the Hank Cochran ballad. He was able to hit the top spot with “Make the World Go Away”. A few years later, The King recorded the song for his all country album Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old). Having done this, he turned it into a cresting spectacle of his engagements in 1970.

On three occasions, “Make the World Go Away” got a Top 40 popular success. First was for Timi Yuro in 1963. The second was for Eddie Arnold, the year 1965. Lastly, in 1975, it was an achievement for Donny and Marie Osmond. Believe it or not, Arnold’s cover was not the first. It was Ray Price who made the original version of the track way back 1963.


 A Movie Soundtrack

Have you watched the film “Legend”? If not, you can hear this tune twice in the 2015 British gangster movie that tells about the London Kray twins. First, the Welsh singer Duffy performed it live in a cabaret. The singer was portraying Timi Yuro’s character. Second, when the original Timi Yuro single version is played over the film’s closing credits.

What is the connection between and among these musicians and characters? Yuro was supposedly a favorite singer of Reggie Kray. Often, the owner of the nightclub booked Timi Yuro to perform at Krays’ when she was touring Europe in the 1960s.


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