January 25

Not Ready to Make Nice: Let’s Join Dixie Chicks and be Real

There’s a lot of events in this world that ends tragically. Some of them pertain to failed relationships, traitor friends, and just being real. Hence, it’s so hard to accept that sometimes other people will judge you because of your ideas and on how you express yourself. Also, other people will mock, backstab and fabricate stories about you. It is the sad reality of today.

In most cases, you need to be quiet and get along with them for you to belong to the group. Being real is not bad, no one can change the fact that you are just expressive and others are not. Just like Dixie Chicks, who openly expressed their ideas and emotion and yet some people turned their back at them. But for me, that situation will test who really are your true friends. Those people who will stay by your side no matter how tackles or opinionated you are.  So, let’s go ahead and listen to their famous hit “Not Ready To Make Nice.”

The Most Controversial Group

They are one of the distinct groups in America who always performs with vocal harmony. Moreover, they are hot chicks because this trio can play different kinds of instruments. Do you remember the hits “Wide Open Spaces,” and “You were Mine.” Due to their success in the industry, this group was able to win 13 Grammy Awards. In addition, they become the best-selling all female band in the U.S. I know you’re familiar with the Dixie Chicks, no one can ever forget them.

Not Ready to Make Nice: Let’s Join Dixie Chicks and be Real 1
Photo Credits: Dixie Chicks Official Home Page

The Hit with a Universal Interpretation

Being opinionated is not bad, but being a hypocrite is a mortal sin. Anyhow, I guess you remember this hit that won three Grammy Awards. Thus, it is considered as the biggest hit of the Dixie Chicks to date. I hope you are familiar with “Not Ready to Make Nice” which was also a response to the attacks that they’ve received in 2003. For me, I adore this group for not being scared to express their opinion, they did not kill or threaten someone. Sometimes, the people who are sitting in power are the real devil. 



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