December 28

Mahalia Jackson’s Soulful Rendition of “Mary’s Boy Child”

Christmas is over, and we are all waiting to welcome the New Year. Everyone’s excited about what’s new to come in their lives. Some are busy planning for the coming year, while others are busy hoping to change some old habits. Meanwhile, others are listing down their new year’s resolutions. However, before we step forward to the future, let us take some time to remember Jesus, eventhough His birthday is over.

Today, as let’s remind ourselves of Jesus and how He affected our lives, let’s listen to a song written about His glorious birth. The night of His birth is like no ordinary nights. It was the night when the world welcomes our Savior and King. That night was magical and marks a significant time in human’s history because our hope was born.

The Inspiration Behind “Mary’s Boy Child”

The song “Mary’s Boy Child” is commonly known as a Christmas Carol all over the world. But, do you know where the song originate from? It was written by Jester Hairston when he was asked by Walter Schumann. Hairston’s inspiration for the song was based on his past experience of writing a birthday party song for his friend.

First Recording

The first recording of “Mary’s Boy Child” was by Harry Belafonte in 1956. Belafonte’ version sold more than a million copies. In addition, it reached number one on the UK charts.

Different Covers

Since this is a popular Christmas song, many artists from different genres have recorded the single. Some of these artists are Anne Murray, Jim Reeves, John Denver, Romina Power, The Bee Gees, and more.

From “Mary’s Boy Child” to “Mary’s Little Boy Child”

One of the most heartfelt, chill to the bone rendition of “Mary’s Boy Child” was by Mahalia Jackson. She really knows how to make a simple song worth remembering. Mahalia’s single “Mary’ Boy Child” was only released in her 1995 compilation album Sings Songs of Christmas. She changed the title of the song to “Mary’s Little Boy Child.” However, the words to the song are the same as the original version.

Here’s Mahalia Jackson’s single “Mary’s Little Boy Child.”


Before you head on to 2019, be reminded to take time to remember the birth of Jesus. If that night didn’t happen, then we may not be here. Take time to thank Jesus.


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