November 28

Mahalia Jackson Moves Up a Little Higher, Closer to God

Have you ever thought about your relationship with God? Do you believe in a supreme being that created the heaven and earth? Is it a must to believe in a supernatural being? Well, in my opinion, faith and belief really play a vital role in one’s life. Thus, it helps us change our perspective in life and Mahalia Jackson can attest to this life-changing journey with her faith.

The Story Behind the Woman with a Huge Faith

She is regarded as the “Queen of Gospel” and one of the best singers of all time. This woman dedicates her life to touch every people’s heart through her music. Anyhow, I’m referring to Mahalia Jackson, also described as the single most powerful black woman in the U.S. during her time. Furthermore, due to her influence in pushing for civil rights, Jackson was also recognized internationally.

Throughout her career, Mahalia Jackson dedicated her talent in singing God’s music and inspiring other people. With this, she was included in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, and the first to receive a Grammy Award for Gospel Music or Other Religious Recording.  Hence, her talent was really undeniable.

The Song that Gives Hope

“Move On Up a Little Higher” was first released in 1946 by Brother John Sellers and it was written by W. Herbert Brewster. Consequently, the hit became popular when Mahalia Jackson released her version in 1947 and it sold eight million copies. In my opinion, Jackson can really bring out the message of the song through her beautiful voice and that makes her stand out from other artists.

The hit was originally dedicated to the black people, for them to fight for their rights. Eventually, discrimination and racism during the song’s release were rampant. But due to its gospel message, it was accepted as one of the greatest gospel songs of all time.


Mahalia Jackson, Move On Up a Little Higher, Queen of Gospel, W. Herbert Brewster

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