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Don William’s “Magic Carpet” Will Bring You Anywhere around the World


Don Williams

When we were young, we dreamt of fairytales. Like mermaids and unicorns, princess and prince. Almost certainly, a love story of a happy ever after. These were the days we truly miss a lot. With this, listen to the “Gentle Giant” Don William’s “Magic Carpet” for it will bring make your imaginations come to life. Also, it will bring you anywhere around the world and it will let you have everything you desire.

If and only magic carpets are real, everyone then can experience the bliss. It can carry you in any part of the world, even the ones impossible to reach.

Magic Carpet…

The song merely represents a perfect moment between two people having the spark of love. With the magic carpet, both can sail the sky and travel the world together. Also, a picture-perfect world, if their wishes could come true, with one touch of the lantern or a magic potion to have the best things in the universe.

But it’s just a fairytale; it doesn’t come true the way they want it to be. Instead, only the luck of charm makes the sparks grow. The magic carpet, lantern, and magic are beyond reality. One’s true self and true love are the spices of an existent love story.

Furthermore, “Magic Carpet” is a song made to reality by Larry Kingston and Frank Dycus. It was recorded and released by the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams in 1976. Also, the song is part of William’s album “Harmony.” The song was released along with Williams’ No.1 singles “Say It Again” and “Till The Rivers All Run Dry.”

It might not have topped the country charts, but with the voice and talent of the one and only “Gentle Giant,” the song is still worth listening. “Magic Carpet” is still one of the best singles of Don Williams to listen to.

The Lyrics…

Wish I had a magic carpet together we could fly

We could sail away forever watch the world go by

If I’d had Alladin’s lantern, I’d know just what to do

‘Cause all I’d need to do is touch it to make my dreams come true

But I don’t have a magic carpet magic lamps are hard to find

And I can’t conjure up a secret potion to steal your heart and make you mine

All I’ve got is a four-leaf clover it’s my only good luck charm

But I get a magic feeling all over thinkin’ about you in my arms

No, I don’t have a magic carpet…

All I’ve got is a four-leaf clover…

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