November 5

Travis Greene and His Award-Winning Song “Made A Way”

Nothing is impossible with God. He can move mountains, He can perform miracles, and there are many more things that God can do that we can’t. “Made A Way” is a song written by gospel singer and songwriter Travis Greene. His song sends out a beautiful message that people will be inspired even in times of difficulty. Read more to know about Travis Greene and his song.

Travis Greene

Travis Greene is not only a singer but also a pastor who started his career as a musician in 2007. Greene has released a total of four albums in his career. All of his records entered the Billboard Gospel chart. Moreover, Greene scored some number ones on the Billboard Gospel chart. He has also been nominated and won various awards.

His song “Made A Way”

One of his top-performing albums was The Hill in 2015. His album was nominated during the Billboard Music Award in 2017. In addition, he won various awards during the Stellar Award show. A single from his album that stands out the most was “Made A Way.” The song, like Greene’s The Hill album, was nominated and won various awards.

The Song’s Content

“Made A Way” speaks about the power of God. It talks about how God can turn all the impossible to something possible. Also, it shows that God can do anything, and one of those things is to comfort us in times of trouble. “Made A Way” is a light that will guide us, and hope when life is difficult. Greene’s beautiful words can be a help to people, and thus, it is a song worth listening to.

Greene’s song scored number one on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart. His song also won the Billboard’s Top Gospel Song in 2017. In addition, “Made A Way” won Stellar’s Song of the Year on the same year.

Listen to Travis Greene’s beautifully heartfelt and inspiring song “Made A Way.”



Made A Way, Travis Greene

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