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“Made in Japan”: When Buck Owens Fell for an Asian Beauty

"Made in Japan": When Buck Owens Fell for an Asian Beauty 1Buck Owens/Screen grabbed from Youtube

We oftentimes see the phrase “Made in Japan” on products that were manufactured or produced in the said country. With that, the first time we encounter this as a song title, what initially comes to our mind is that the song refers to something imported from Japan. However, that’s not the exact case with Buck Owens’ 1972 hit entitled “Made in Japan.” Although the tune opens with a line “My transistor radio comes from far away” which denotes an object that he probably bought from Japan, it did not focus much on this thing.

Written by Bob and Faye Morris, the song tells of a beautiful woman who hails from Japan. Owens and this Asian lady met at the latter’s hometown and the singer then expressed his strong affection toward her. He reminisces the time they were together with the following lines,

I remember all the good times I had a-walkin’ in the sand 

With the beautiful girl that I met made in Japan

He continues by describing her beauty with so much adoration.

The beauty of her face was beyond my wildest dreams 

 Like cherry blossoms blooming in the mountain in the early spring 

As we walked by the river and she softly took hold of my hand

That’s when I fell deep in love with the girl made in Japan

That short romance between them did not end happily though. Toward the end of the song, the woman revealed that she’s been sworn to another man. Despite the painful experience, the singer assured that his heart will always be with this Asian lady.

She cried when she said she’d been promised to another man
That’s when I left my heart with the girl made in Japan

Additional Facts of the Song

The Crying Time” singer scored his last No. 1 hit as a solo artist in 1972 with “Made in Japan.” Released on April 3, 1972, from Owen’s album In the Palm of Your Hand, the song became No. 1 on the country charts both in the US and Canada. The single remained on the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart for one week. And, its chart reign ended in the thirteenth week. Given the considerable success of the song, it’s undeniable that it has left a lasting impact on the fans’ minds elsewhere. Also, the song appeared in Jackass: The Movie.

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