September 25

Priceless Reaction of 92-Year-Old Lady When Willie Nelson Recorded Her Song

Dreams do become reality when we stick to what we believe in and cling to what our hearts really desire. Lyndel Rhodes is for sure a proof to this. Not only did one of her dreams come true but also, she’s a 92-year-old woman who did not stop dreaming. True enough, dreams come true regardless of how old one is.

Years way back, Rhodes had a chance of writing a song that was dear to her heart. She called her self-penned song “Little House on the Hill.” Then, it was just kept for herself and was only shared with her family. Interestingly, in October 2016, Rhodes son, a famed songwriter, and producer, Buddy Cannon, just made his mother’s dream to become a published songwriter come true.

To note, Cannon has already worked with big artists like George Strait, Bill Anderson, Jamey Johnson, Reba McEntireGeorge JonesWillie Nelson, and Merle Haggard. Because he worked closely with Nelson, he thought that he would give the best version of the song. Also, he obviously knew that Rhodes personally likes Nelson. Furthermore, Cannon then pitched the song to the country artist. Eventually, “Little House on the Hill” became the lead-off track for Nelson’s album, God’s Problem Child, in 2017.

The Priceless Reaction

To celebrate Rhodes’ first writing credit, Cannon filmed her reaction to Nelson’s recording of her song. Playing in the background, it is obvious that her song gave her joy that is priceless. Then Cannon asks her,

“What are you listening to?”

Rhodes then immediately responds,

“Little House on the Hill.”

She then admits that she tried to write the lyrics. Her son askes her who was singing her song, which she responded in an adorable voice,

“Mister Willie.”

As Nelson’s vocals melodically came out from the speakers, a stunned Rhodes can’t help herself sing along. In spite of her cracking voice, she tried to give the singer a duet until it lasted. The phone camera was then drawn to her feet jumping in glee. We can’t help but see Lyndel Rhodes head over heels happy for her dream come true.

Watch this adorable moment of Rhodes listening to Nelson singing her song:

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