September 21

Worth Listening to: Lullaby by Dan Seals feat. Emmylou Harris

Here is a song that does not call attention to itself though it has been around for more than 20 years. While most songs created were intended to draw attention, Lullaby does the opposite. Listen and be mesmerized by the lovely music and words.


For the listeners, this song could have dual purposes. It could be a parental song for a newborn or a song for a lover. Regardless, its poignant and relaxing melody would make anyone replay it multiple times. Personally, I use it as a background whenever I am in deep and serious contemplation. I love how the melody and the words glide. It helps calm the mind especially when there is an array of racing thoughts.

For musicians, it is a versatile guitar song even without a fiddle. Currently, most covers are done by Asian fans. Here is one that is just as good.


In YouTube, Lullaby is a favorite to be used for homemade videos featuring mug shots of babies, and true to its name, Lullaby could really make a baby fall asleep. How adorable! Watch it here:


First recorded as part of England Dan Seals’ solo debut album called Stones and released in 1980. Then in 1986, it was re-issued again as finale song for Dan’s sixth album On the Frontline.  This time, it featured Emmylou Harris singing the harmony. Both versions were well received by fans.

This acoustic ballad is a silent one on its prestige. Though originally designed as an album-ender, it was not overlooked by Dan Seal’s admirers. Though it was easily dismissed by radio gatekeepers, Lullaby, to them is as significant as Dan’s other hit songs. In fact, it has the potential to become a hit record. If he were still alive today, he would have enjoyed the success of his mellow tune.


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