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Luke Combs Has a Message for the “Beautiful Crazy” Ladies Out There

Luke Combs
Luke Combs / Billboard

Have you watched or heard any of Luke Combs‘ recording yet? If you did, I guess you would agree that he showed a lot of potential as a country performer. His kind of music could fall in with George Strait, Mo Pitney, Jon Pardi and Michael Morgan. He is indeed one of the promising new stars that traditional country fans could get behind.

One of the evidence of his growing success is the deluxe reissue treatment of his debut album, This One’s for You. Deluxe reissuing of albums is a common play when a new artist has outgrew the label’s expectations, and they don’t have to go through the 18-month slog of recording. The Record label then releases a new album just yet, to satisfy the growing public demand.

Beautiful Crazy

“Beautiful Crazy” is the first released song from the deluxe edition officially released on June 1st. And, just like almost everything from Combs, the song crazily racked up the iTunes charts, with streaming numbers of Youtube views.

The song is easy to love regardless of your country music alignment. With the song, Luke Combs met our expectation of another excellent song coming from him. As you listen, you’ll be treated with full steel guitar and fiddle, ramped up with his barrel-chested country voice. In today’s stance, hearing a young country artist recording a song as traditional as this is already a multi-layered victory for country music.

Moreover, “Beautiful Crazy” proved Comb’s faculty of transitioning into a much more traditional instrumentation. The track is one of the strong proofs that traditional country music production can definitely resonate with this generation.


The video for the song was recorded in an actual studio, with actual musicians. The simplicity of its recording highlighted more the nature and core of the song. A song like this could be an inspiration for country artists who claim they want to preserve their country roots. We hope  “Beautiful Crazy” gets more exposure on the radio, and record labels will give more recording opportunities for artists like Luke Combs.

Luke Combs, Wyatt B. Durrette III and Robert Williford penned “Beautiful Crazy.”

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Beautiful Crazy, Luke Combs, This One’s for You

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