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Luke Bryan Jumps Off Stage to Give an Elderly Fan a Hug

Luke Bryan Jumps Off Stage to Give an Elderly Fan a Hug 1

Not everybody likes Luke Bryan, we get that. But, everyone who knows him knows that this pop-country singer he is a kind-hearted man. Having said that, here is a video to prove that. In this video back in September 2015 shows that he is not only a talented artist but also a class act with a heart for people.

The Video that Shows Heart

Luke Bryan was onstage in the middle of a concert in Atlanta, Georgia when all of a sudden voices in the crowd pointed him toward an elderly woman sitting in the crowd.

“I’m your old neighbor!” Said the lady was yelling from the front row.

“Bernice Williams?!” The country star responded in shock. He then puts down his guitar and rushes off stage to hug the woman

Then the crowd cheers as he hugs his neighbor and asks her:

“Are you good?”

It’s so good to see you!” She responds as the crowd around them reacts with “awws.”

He Explained Who She was

After they hugged, Luke Bryan climbs back on stage to give an explanation to the audience. He said:

“People say they’re your neighbor, but like, she is like my neighbor. Like her house, my house. Not like house in between us.”

He used his hands to show that their houses were next to each other. Then he added:

“My dogs ate her cat food.”

Clearly, we can see from their warm embrace that Luke Bryan was truly glad to see her. Only a few celebrities would jump off the stage to enter the crowd just to see an old friend.

Don’t you think Luke Bryan is amazing? Let us know in the comments section below. For more country, visit us our website and don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends. God Bless Your Heart!


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